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My Compliance Centre is delighted to confirm its sponsorship of Maronka school.  Maronka is in the Port Loko District of Sierra Leone, a country with incredible challenges in every area – including education, regularly being bottom of various UN indices that measure nations’ development.

Maronka is one of a number of schools run by the UK based charity, EducAid Sierra Leone.  The school at Maronka includes a girl’s safe house and teacher training centre, an accommodation block for the boys who live at the school as well as teaching facilities.

My Compliance Centre is one of a consortium of four supporters who have agreed to fund Maronka for the next 5 years.  The incredible EducAid team is at the forefront of learning and we wish them the very best of luck in addressing the incredible challenges they take on.

For more details on EducAid's history and the school we fund in Maronka please read this April-2021-Maronka-School-Information or click here to be directed to the EducAid website.

More reading on the Maronka School 2021/22 year can be found here.

EducAid is a UK-registered charity established in 1995 to restore and strengthen education during and in the aftermath of Sierra Leone’s devastating civil war.

We believe in the power of values-based education to consistently chip away at poverty and the challenges standing in the way of a democratic, dignified and globally engaged Sierra Leone. At the heart of EducAid’s strategy is running 5 free, high quality model schools on 3 sites for children and young people who would otherwise not see the inside of a classroom. The effectiveness of EducAid’s student-centred approach to education is demonstrated by the fact that, despite many of our students coming from turbulent backgrounds, they regularly achieve some of the best exam results in Sierra Leone. Maronka Primary School is located in the Port Loko District. EducAid’s Maronka Primary School is EducAid’s only model primary school, serving 100 students in 2022 including 57 students who call Maronka home.

Maronka first opened its doors in 2003 after land was donated by the local community. Today Maronka is a model school and teacher training centre for EducAid’s school improvement work at primary level. In 2021-22, this included 60 schools across the 6 northern districts (Karene, Port Loko, Kambia, Tonkilili, Bombali and Koinadugu), serving more than 20,000 students.

Teachers and school leaders at these schools were trained and came together at Maronka to work towards improving their schools and teaching with Maronka, a village school that looked like their own. In 2020, Maronka Primary School was one of 100 schools from around the world chosen for the inaugural World Education Week Showcase. In 2022, 11 boys and girls from Maronka’s Eagles Class sat their NPSE (National Primary School Examination) with all 22 students passing for an enviable 100% pass rate.

Highlights of 2021-22 Year

Maronka staff and students participated in the Global Climate Action Project and have worked to become a greener school, engaging in tree planting activities around the school and in the Maronka community. Maronka teachers painted numbers on buildings, stairs and trees to engage students in more active maths lessons around the school, strengthening numeracy and math confidence in a fun, accessible way. Developing more literacy and numeracy teaching strategies and games were activities highlighted by all Maronka teachers as an achievement for the 2021-22 school year.

Maronka’s Sports Day is always a highlight of the school year for students, staff and the surrounding community. This year was no exception with a range of athletic competition that included: football, ludo, balance ball, track and field events, skipping rope, volleyball and hand tennis.

This year’s Maronka Sports Day was observed by two members of the Fab Inc team – international development specialists with a key interest in education who work closely with the Sierra Leonean government. Maronka community members prepared the field and helped to organise Sports Day activities. Maronka teachers helped to development Ubuntu safeguarding stories and toolkits for use in not only Maronka, but in schools across EducAid’s projects.

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