Regulatory Change Management

Track and manage every regulatory development that matters to your business. Assign, track and manage changes to policies, procedures, systems and controls and keep a record of information trails and acknowledgements.
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Regulatory Change

Manage your entire Regulatory Change programme from one place.  

Receive Automatic Updates

Save time and achieve peace of mind by receiving automated notifications of all regulatory updates from your key regulators.

Use filters to reduce the noise, so you can focus on those that matter.

Process and Share

Dismiss regulatory updates of no interest and process those that impact you.

Add a summary if you like, share with colleagues and apply a tag so you can easily retrieve them from the regulatory update register.

Manage Regulatory Changes

Assign key actions to yourself or colleagues. Set actions to brief the board, update your policy or train colleagues.

Track the progress of all regulatory changes in one place.

Maintain your Audit Trail

Use the regulatory update register to track all regulatory updates and changes affecting our business.

Use your task audit trail to evidence the actions taken to implement regulatory changes.

Keep it on your radar

Peace of mind that you won’t miss an important regulatory change with our automated data feed. Reduce compliance risk and avoid fines by keeping your compliance framework up to date.

Improved clarity of regulatory developments and how changes are being managed. Save hours spent searching different sources for regulatory updates.

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