Customise and configure your internal policy Attestations programmes with configurable and automated follow-up and easy to track status.
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Employee Policy or Fit and Proper Attestations are a powerful conduct control employed by most regulated financial institutions.

My Compliance Centre’s Attestation module allows compliance teams to deploy unlimited document based or question based attestations and to simply distribute them to teams across the company.  

Configurable automated reminders ensure employees are reminded to complete their Attestations on time and the central dashboard allows the compliance team to review the status of all attestations in real time.

Build and Distribute Attestations

Create unlimited document or question-based attestations and circulate to colleagues.

Automatic Reminders

Use My Compliance Centre’s automatic reminders to ensure all employees know exactly when they are due and overdue.

Track Progress

Simply track the progress of all attestations from within the control panel and simply identify who is yet to comply.

Use the Audit Trail

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have a permanent audit trail of employee’s attestations.

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