Track file reviews, manage remedial actions, complete quality assurance and produce management reports.

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File reviews are a central part of the compliance control framework for many regulated firms.

With FileChecker you can assign and complete file reviews, manage remedial actions, complete quality assurance, produce management reports, and access full audit logs.

Configure Your File Reviews

Define your file review structure. Create sections and questions, assign marks and weighting and identify “auto-fail” questions.

Assign And Complete File Reviews

Assign file reviews to reviewers for completion.
Reviewers can assess files using the guidance produced and create remedial actions for any non-conformance.

Carry our Quality Assurance

Select files for QA and send to expert reviewers for action. Identify variances between the original and updated QA and create remedial actions in support of reviewers.

Management Reporting

Identify trends within different file types. See which questions trigger most auto fails and the teams and individuals with the highest and lowest pass rates.

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